What is Windows Hosting? – Why You Should Choose it

Windows hosting refers to hosting that runs on the Windows operating system. Windows web hosting is popular for integrating businesses with the internet because of its powerful end-to-end management, scalability, and reliability features. 

Windows web hosting is appropriate if you intend to use specific Microsoft applications such as Active Server Pages (ASP), as well as Microsoft FrontPage, Visual Basic Scripts, and MS Index Server to build your website. MS SQL is very comfortable in any hosting environment in database departments, but the MS Access database is only served by Windows hosting.

Because Linux operating systems are less expensive, most hosting companies now use them. If the hosting provider does not specify which operating system they will use, you can assume you will be getting Linux web hosting.

What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows Hosting

There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of windows hosting. All these are listed here.

Advantages of Windows Hosting:

  • A Microsoft-Friendly Option
  • Strong and Easy
  • Cost-effective Solution
  • Compatible With Different Windows Tools
  • Databases that are easy to use, such as MS SQL and MS Access.

Disadvantages of Windows Hosting:

  • Doesn’t support programming languages like Perl, Ruby, Python, CGI script, etc.
  • According to experts, Linux is more secure than the Windows hosting system.

Why You Should Choose Windows Hosting?

Linux-based cloud hosting or shared hosting is popular among new businesses because it is affordable and reliable. Windows hosting makes sense for various setups, from the website hosting to running Windows programs. 

Windows is a standard operating system for businesses of all sizes. If you run your business or individual’s technology on Windows, Windows hosting is the best option because it’s compatible with all your programs and tools, and your tech professionals are familiar with setting up a working Windows system.

Windows Hosting is available for every kind of hosting service. This means you can host your site on the windows operating system with any of its plans like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, etc.

Tips to choose the right Windows hosting provider

If you’re looking for Windows hosting, it’s important to be aware of the different types of hosting providers and make sure you choose the sheep from goats, which means the right one for your business. We’ve compiled a list of recommended Windows hosting providers.

  1. Software compatibility: If your website is built with technologies such as .NET (Windows) then you have to pay so close attention when choosing because Every Windows hosting plan should have the necessary compatibility for all of your Windows-based applications and software, such as:
  • ASP Classic
  • MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server)
  • MS Access (Microsoft Access)
  • Visual Basic Development
  • C+
  • Remote desktop
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  1. Security: Because Windows hosting has more security flaws than Linux hosting, every business must prioritize website security; however, by finding a good hosting provider, you can avoid many risks. Look for a hosting provider who uses a firewall to protect their server and provides you with an SSL- Certificate. In addition, look for other security features that will aid in the security of your website.
  1. Stability: As previously stated, Windows hosting is less stable than Linux hosting, so it is important to find a hosting provider that offers greater stability so that your website is accessible to visitors 24×7. What you’re looking for here is a hosting provider’s guarantee of at least 99.9% uptime. That is how frequently the company guarantees your website will be up and running for your visitors.
  1. CMS compatibility: If you use or plan to use a popular CMS such as WordPress, make sure the web hosting plan is compatible with it, and if you add website tools such as Google Analytics and AWstats, or eCommerce software such as Magento or Woocommerce for an online store, make sure to check those as well.
  1. Customer support: Even if you have a team of Windows experts, you may need customer service assistance from your web hosting provider from time to time. Confirm that your hosting provider provides round-the-clock customer service. If your website fails due to technical difficulties, you must ensure that it is re-launched. Make sure they provide multiple ways for you to contact them, such as email, support tickets, phone, or live chat.
  1. Reputation: Check out the web hosting reputation in the larger industry via third-party reviews to gain an unbiased look at the company’s reputation and determine if it’s in line with what you’re looking for.
  1. Cost: When it comes to purchasing windows hosting, price is an important factor. Many hosting companies offer Windows hosting at different-2 prices, so it’s best to compare prices and see which company offers the best value for money. If money is your biggest concern then you can check out these cheap windows shared hosting. It will never let down you in performance.

Windows Hosting vs Linux Hosting – Which is Better?

If we talk about which hosting is better Windows hosting or Linux hosting then you have to look at this at least once. Because both have their own pros and cons. Which we discussed below.

Linux Web Hosting: It is one of the most popular operating systems among them. Because Linux-based hosting is more widely used, it offers more flexibility and features that web designers demand. Linux is the preferred choice unless you have websites that require specific Windows applications. OS.

Where Linux applications require Linux server services such as SSH and Scripts, or where Apache modules are required. 

Windows Web Hosting: It is mostly used in specific conditions. Windows web hosting is very easy to use and it is compatible with various windows tools. It supports various databases that are easy to use. But windows hosting is less secure than Linux hosting.

ASP Classic, ASP.NET, MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server), MS Access (Microsoft Access), Visual Basic Development, C+, and Remote Desktop are examples of Windows applications that require a Windows server.

Windows and Linux hosting use different control panels. Linux uses Cpanel, while Windows uses Plesk.

Is Windows Hosting Better Than Linux Hosting?

Both operating systems are excellent in their own place. Both have some advantages and Linux provides greater flexibility and security, whereas Windows hosts are ideal for environments where all tools, applications, and software are run on the Windows operating system.

Which One You Should Choose Linux or Windows hosting?

Windows Hosting can help you create websites that are similar to the ones you would create on other platforms. However, if you need or want to use Microsoft SQL Server databases on your websites, such as ASP.NET or .NET Core, you should choose Windows hosting because these all require Windows OS to be running on your server.

Linux hosting is an excellent choice because it can support almost any requirement or desire for your website, from WordPress blogs to online stores and more. It is the most secure and flexible hosting provider.

Pros and Cons of Windows Hosting


  • The Windows operating system, it’s very user-friendly (OS).
  • allows for compatibility with other Windows tools
  • Plesk control panel is user-friendly.


  • In comparison to Linux hosting, it is less secure.
  • In comparison to Linux hosting, it is more expensive.
  • Less stable

Bottom line: What is Windows Hosting? We have discussed what is windows hosting, the advantages and disadvantages of having windows Hosting, and who should choose windows Hosting for what purpose. I hope this article clears up any confusion you may have about what windows hosting is.

Top 5 Best Windows Hosting Providers

Nowadays windows hosting is becoming more and more popular just because of its amazing services and easy-to-use UI. There are various companies that provide windows hosting services like Hostwinds, TMDHosting, HostPapa, MilesWeb, Bisend, etc. You can also get all these amazing hosting services at an affordable price then you can also use its amazing discount codes like Hostwinds coupon code, TMDHosting coupon code, HostGator coupon code, DreamHost coupon code, etc.

What is the Difference Between Linux hosting and Windows hosting?

The main difference between the two is that Linux hosting provides more flexibility and features, whereas Windows hosting is suitable for websites built on the Windows operating system, but it is less secure than Linux hosting.

Is Windows good for hosting?

For anyone with a website that also uses other Windows tools and languages, such as Microsoft Exchange or ASP.NET, Windows hosting is the most compatible hosting option.

Is Windows hosting free?

Yes, there are several platforms where you can host your website for free for as long as you want; all you have to do is choose the best one for your website, such as

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