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It is a type of extension (suffixes at the end of a website name) such as .com, .in. It was originally designated as the country code for Colombia, but nowadays it has become one of the very popular global domains. This domain extension is recognized around the world as an acronym for company, corporation, and commerce. This has led many foresighted businesses to go with the .co. Many companies and organizations use this extension to make their website country-specific.

This extension is also a second-level domain in the Domain Name System. See details What is .co Domain Extension? It is used around the world to route web traffic. Many companies and organizations register the domain of the type .co.xx, Here xx represents the country code top-level domain (ccTLD). You can buy your .co extension then get the Hostgator Domain name discount price.

For example: 

  • .co.in in India
  • .co.uk in the U.K.
  • .co.jp in Japan
  • .co in Colombia

Difference between .co and .com 

What is .co Domain Extension

You can say .com is the default extension in the user’s mind. If people don’t remember the website’s ending or say its extension, they put .com at that place. They assume that you would be using .com because it is used here and there. On the other hand .co is not that old or often used. It is new in the market. But also it has a plus point because of this.

Availability of a website’s name with .co extension is far greater than with .com extension, as it is the far-most popular with over 100 million registrations. You may have to compromise with its name if you want to go with .com. If you do not want to compromise with your desired name then .co is a better choice. 

Do .co Domains are expensive than .com? 

Yes, they are, there is a good reason behind .co being more expensive than .com. Domain squatters purchase domain names with .co extension in bulk and do not even use them. This reduces the availability of a domain name as is the case with .com. When things are cheaper, people tend to buy them more even if they don’t need it. So this extension is higher price helps in ensuring that, this does not happen.

Does .co rank the same as the others? 

Yes, Google’s search quality engineer and Search Engine Optimization authority, Matt Cutts, has confirmed it. And also .co is a Generic Country Code Level Domain (gccTLD) and is treated as any other domain, such as .com and .net. A website with a .co domain has the same potential as with any other domain name, assuming it provides quality content to its users. So if your website’s User Interface (UI) is simple, unique, and appealing to the user. It is providing quality and informative content and good services. Then your ranking will itself increase and also you can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for better results in the near future.

Is it for you or not?

That depends on your website’s need. If you want your website to be country-specific or have a name that you want that is not available on other extensions then, .co is a better option. Cause finding the best domain name and extension can be struggling. After giving so much time you come up with a name only to find that it is already been taken. It becomes more painful when you compromise with your website’s name and extension. If you want to more about how to buy a good domain?

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