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Bluehost is a web hosting company with its sister companies Hostmonster, FastDomain, and Ipage. Do you know, what is Bluehost hosting? The company is owned by Endurance International Group and they are one of the 20th largest hosts providers with 2 Million websites hosted.

This means 2 million websites are taking the services of Bluehost from all over the world. Moreover, Bluehost is the officially recommended web hosting for the free open-source platform WordPress since 2006.

The History of Bluehost – It was founded by Matt Heaton in 1996. However, firstly it is the free web hosting service provider known as 50megs.com and 0catch.com. In 2009 Bluehost is introduced with new productive features of new era tech. Furthermore, in 2010 Endurance International Group acquired the Bluehost.

Bluehost makes the partnership with WordPress and manages a staff and engineers team dedicated to WordPress development. That’s the reason, the company is able to provide high-performing and affordable hosting services for WordPress and their community.

How many types of services does Bluehost provide?

Bluehost provides the hosting services of different types like

BlueHost Web Hosting Plans
  • Shared web hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated web hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • E-commerce hosting

Mainly, Bluehost is well famous for WordPress hosting, so it’s obvious they provide three types of hosting services include WordPress hosting, WP Pro, and hosting for e-commerce.

Moreover, you can also search and book Domain names from their website. Also, whatever you book the domain all domains includes:

  • Easy management – It gives a super easy Cpanel and all the features like manageable interface, DNS chance, and account details, all you get in one place.
  • Auto-Renewal – It protects your domain from the risk of expiration and by losing accidentally.
  • Domain privacy protection – It protects your domain from unauthorized transfer or theft from its domain lock system. These services make ensure that your domain stays yours and you can use it any time you want, safely.

Main Features of Bluehost

BlueHost Web Hosting Features

Bluehost features are fundamental like other hosting providers but it gives more high performance with easy manageability. It offers enforcement and compatibility to any type of website. Let’s discuss more features of the Bluehost in a nutshell.

  • Uptown up to 99.99% which is crucial for the website speed and performance.
  • Provide complete adaptability for all types of WordPress features and plugins that make this host very beginner-friendly and also very user-friendly.
  • Impressive customer support with quick and very helpful action.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t satisfy with their services.
  • Free WordPress beginners’ guide that gives you knowledge all about WordPress website development.

You can avail of all these premium features during Bluehost Black Friday offers which offer you an exclusive discount during the sale.

Bluehost Pros:

This web hosting provider comes with many multi-functional advantages that can make your growth easy. Whether you want to start a blog, business website, or e-commerce their hosting gives you all kinds of functions, which you need for your growth journey. Here are the following benefits of choosing their web hosting.

  • Price – Reasonable price that can be affordable by almost every folk.
  • Server Uptime – Very fast server with amazing uptime, it increases your site performance and decreases your risk of bad user experience. In the web hosting industry mostly, every other hosting providers give 99% uptime but the Bluehost provides 99.9% uptime, nearly 100% which is incredible.
  • Free domain and SSL Certificate – When you sign up for the 1-year plan, you get the free domain and SSL Certificate for your 1st-year purchase.
  • 24×7 support – A number is provided for 24/7 customer support. You can directly call them and ask your questions. And their response time is quite good than others.
  • Backup – Normally back-ups are ignored until something gets wrong with our website. Mostly every hosting providers provide the backup but it also depends on which you plan to choose.
  • Variety of plans – Flexible options are available while choosing the web hosting for your website. Whether you are a startup or a business, there are plenty of plans available according to your ambitions.
  • Wide Applications Library – Whether you want WordPress apps, Google apps, and productive applications for e-commerce. The huge range of apps libraries increases your productivity.
  • Money-back guarantee – Bluehost provides a 30-day back guarantee that ensures your money if you are not satisfied with their hosting services.

Bluehost Cons:

We are always honest with our readers that’s why we also mention the disadvantages of this world-leading web hosting provider.

  • Competitive prices – However, their prices are reasonable but there are lots of other web hosting providers out there, which provide the hosting at less rate than Bluehost. But the quality factor always matters. If you get something cheap then you have to compromise on the quality.
  • High Renewal Price – They increase their Renewal cost. If you are planning to renew or upgrade your plans then you have to pay a higher price, than the opening rate. It is common, for every hosting company to do this right now.
  • Upsells and expensive add-on features – Like many others they also do aggressive upsell add-ons that you also take their other products. If you want to do a server upgrade or security upgrade in the future, then you have to pay a much higher cost. But it’s applicable when you are a big business or website, for newbies you don’t need to upgrade.
  • Expensive Site Migration – No one company wants their customer to stop taking their services and that is the reason they don’t provide free or low-cost site migration. Current days, the migration charge is $149.99 up to 5 websites and 20 email accounts.

Breakdown of Bluehost Plans

Bluehost provides a wide range of plans, as mentioned above. Even they provide the sub-plans in their main hosting plans.

  • Shared web hosting plan, you have 4 options Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro.
  • VPS web hosting plan includes Standard, Enhanced, and Ultimate.
  • Dedicated hosting has 3 options Standard, Enhanced, and Premium.
  • E-commerce hosting plans or Woocommerce hosting consists of Starter, Plus, Pro, etc.

Which plan is best for you?

Beginners – If you are a beginner or startup then we recommend you to choose the plan from the shared hosting. It is the most right hosting for the beginner because at the beginning you don’t have much traffic and heavy work. So why waste the money if you have more options.

Business – Might be you are a business and you have a big website that has tons of traffic. Then you can choose further plans from the shared hosting. However, if you are gradually growing then you can also choose VPS hosting, it’s a perfect combination of dedicated and shared hosting which is more affordable and secure at a low price.

E-commerce – The shopping websites need high-performing servers because the workload of these sites is quite heavy. Due to their heavy traffic at the same time, it becomes difficult to manage the server for normal web hosting. Hence, we always recommend using dedicated hosting or Woocomerce for e-commerce sites with an SSL certificate. It increases the user experience due to incredible uptime speed. And it also enhances the security of the website, thanks to the SSL certificate through their end-to-end data encrypted technology.

Bluehost Coupon codes available to save money

After reading this post, you might be thinking that, is Bluehost providing any offer for the first signup. The answer is a big Yes, definitely provide the Bluehost coupon code for our readers. Our users can get a discount always if they are new here, don’t worry you can also get up to a 60% discount on Bluehost hosting. We are one of the official Bluehost affiliate partners and this is the reason you can save lots of money on hosting. If you are a beginner then you must think about money because as a beginner money matters loads. You have to invest gradually in your growth that you can measure your success.

Is Bluehost optimized for WordPress?

Definitely yes, they are optimized for WordPress because officially by the community of WordPress it is recommended hosting for WordPress.

Is Bluehost really give 24/7 support?

Yes, we tested this and they provide a quick response with expertise.

Can we book domain names from Bluehost?

Yes, you can book the domain names from the Bluehost because they are also acting as a domain name registrar.

Is Bluehost provide a free domain and SSL certificate?

Yes, they provide the free domain and SSL certificate but for the 1st year of purchase.

What plan beginners should choose?

Shared hosting is best for newbies, and even Bluehost provides much more variety plans in shared hosting because they are quite popular for shared and WordPress hosting.

Can Bluehost is good for E-commerce sites?

You can choose Bluehost dedicated hosting or e-commerce hosting for the shopping sites.

Is the money back is available for real?

Yes, genuinely they provide the money-back guarantee, but under the 30 days. After 30 days, this guarantee is not acceptable.

Site migration is free or paid in Bluehost?

Website migration is paid in Bluehost.

Is Bluehost support multiple languages?

No, they are only available in English. But they give their services around the globe.

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