Sucuri Coupon Code & Discount Promo Codes 2023

Sucuri is a security software company that provides website security, especially for WordPress. It adds and works as an extra layer of security for your online website security. Use Sucuri Coupon Code & Discount offers to get protection from Sucuri at a lower price.

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About Sucuri

Sucuri is an American company that was founded in 2010, which is a subsidiary company of GoDaddy. Sucuri has around 125 professional employees in 25 countries from around the world. It is a cloud-based platform that fixes the website’s hacks and prevents you from future online attacks. The plugin cleans 700+ websites on daily basis with over 30+ billion page views per month. Sucuri offers a mighty WordPress Plugin that helps you in providing online security and safeguards your website. It bypasses all the traffic before sending it to your website server with its cloud proxy firewall.

Sucuri plugin helps in protecting your website by blocking malware attacks and prevent your website from hackers. The application software is used by some of the big industry players like Yoast, CrossFit, WPBeginner, WPengine, Miami University, Cart66, BigSpring, and many more. Today the company’s products and services are used by over 200,000 unique customers from around the world. You can also get added to their customer’s list by using Sucuri Promo Code and enjoy a great discount.

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There are different plans and services of Sucuri at different prices. By using the Sucuri promo code you can get a special discount of up to 50% off on it.

Products of Sucuri with Discount Code

Sucuri Promo Code

The products and services of Sucuri are built for every type of user and business needs. It provides solutions for small businesses, enterprise organizations, and web professionals. Have a look at the products and services offered by Sucuri.

Sucuri Platform
Sucuri Firewall
Agency Solutions
Custom Enterprise Solutions

Let’s discuss all these products in details,

Sucuri Platform & Sucuri Promo Code

The all-in-one security solution for your website Sucuri Platform provides protection, monitor your website, and unlimited hack cleanup. It has three different plans and different features. It also has a custom plan for the enterprise. We have compared these plans for you.

Malware & Hack Scan Frequency12 Hrs6 Hrs30 mins
Malware Removal SLA6 Hrs
Malware Removal & Hack CleanupYesYesYes
Brand Reputation & Blacklist MonitoringYesYesYes
Stop HacksYesYesYes
Advanced DDoS MitigationYesYesYes
CDN PerformanceYesYesYes
SSL Certificate SupportYesYes
Firewall – HTTPS & PCI CompliantYesYesYes
Customer SupportTicketTicketTicket
30-Days Money Back GuaranteeYesYesYes

If you are an enterprise then you can get their custom plan and make your own custom features. To get these plans at a discounted price you can use the Sucuri discount code and enjoy the great benefits in price.

Sucuri Firewall | Sucuri Coupon Code

Sucuri Firewall protects you from hackers by offering DDoS protection, CDN performance optimization, signature detection, bot blocking, and many more security features.

Sucuri Firewall Freatures

Some of the features & benefits are listed below:

  • Instantly block hackers
  • DDoS mitigation and prevention
  • Virtual patching and hardening
  • Protect the brand reputation
  • Prevent zero-day exploits
  • Smart caching options
  • Fast HTTP/2 support
  • Resource optimization via GZIP compression
  • Reduce server load
  • Works with other CDNs

It offers three plans for their customers that we have discussed below and a custom plan.

Website Application Firewall (WAF)YesYesYes
Malware & Hack CleanupTicket
Performance Optimization (CDN)YesYesYes
Layer 7 DDoS ProtectionYesYesYes
High Availability / Load BalancingYesYesYes
SSL Certificate SupportYesYes
Firewall – HTTPS & PCI CompliantYesYesYes
Customer SupportTicketTicketTicket
30-Days Money Back GuaranteeYesYesYes

You can get their plans at an amazing price using the Sucuri Coupon code.

Agency Solutions | Sucuri Promo Code

The solution is for web professionals working for agencies that handle multiple clients’ websites and don’t want to compromise with security. The plan is very flexible and handles up to 100 websites. There are many advantages to using it, some of them are listed below:

Features of Sucuri Agency Solution

  • Blocks DDoS attacks
  • Protect sites from hackers
  • Ad-Hoc cleanup
  • Security monitoring & scanning
  • Faster website performance
  • Cutting edge network
  • Dedicated support
  • Easy set up with no installation
  • Easy & flexible management
FeaturesAd-hoc PlanPremium Plan
Monitoring12 Hours6 Hours
Malware Removal / Hack Cleanup$100 ad-hoc chargesIncluded
Brand Reputation & Blacklist MonitoringIncludedIncluded
Stop Hacks & Virtual PatchingIncludedIncluded
Advanced DDoS MitigationIncludedIncluded
CDN PerformanceIncludedIncluded
SSL Certificate SupportIncludedIncluded
Firewall HTTPS & PCI CompliantIncludedIncluded
Customer SupportTicket & account managerTicket & account manager

These are features and plans that you can get with Sucuri Agency Solution. The prices of both the plans are different and you get a special discount on it using the Sucuri discount code.

Custom Enterprise Solutions | Sucuri Discount Coupon

Sucuri offers custom solutions for the enterprise by which an enterprise can use custom features according to their needs. There are some of the great features and benefits that will get with this service.

Features of Sucuri Custom Enterprise Solution

  • Blocks DDoS attacks and bad bots
  • Protect sites from hackers
  • Integrity monitoring
  • Seamlessly integrates SIEM/SOC processes.
  • Shows your malware threats and blocked attacks on your dashboard.
  • Faster website performance
  • Cutting edge network that uses proprietary technology and state of the art hardware
  • Dedicate support
  • Frequent account maintenance

These are the advantages and benefits you will get with Sucuri Enterprise Solutions. To get a discount on it you can use the Sucuri promo code and enjoy the maximum saving.

Sucuri Plans Comparison | Sucuri Discount Code

We have compared all the plans on the basis of some of the main key points, so let’s have a look at this comparison also.

Number of Websites1110-100+All
PlanBasic, Pro, BusinessBasic, Pro, BusinessTiered DiscountsCustom
Hack RemovalYesAd-HocYes
SSL SupportPro, BusinessPro, BusinessYesYes
Load BalancingBusinessYes
SIEM IntegrationYes
Custom SLAYes

This is the comparison of plans on some of the main key features that we have discussed with you. You can get a special discount on them using the Sucuri coupon code.

How To Avail Discount using Sucuri Promo Code?

Avail Sucuri Discount Code

You can avail of the discount by following these steps that we have discussed with you.

  1. Click on the Sucuri deals from this page that you have already seen.
  2. After redirected to the official website of Sucuri, select the plan and services of Sucuri that you want to use.
  3. Apply the Sucuri Coupon code during payment to enjoy the maximum saving.

By following these steps you can save maximum on your purchase plans.

Top 4 Features of Sucuri

Top four features of Sucuri

There are mainly four different features you will get with Sucuri that we have listed below,

  • Detection
  • Protection
  • Performance
  • Response

We have discussed each of these features with you in detail.


It helps you in detecting and scanning your website for malware, hacks, and blacklist status.

This feature will protect your website by providing some of these benefits

Benefits with Sucuri Detection Feature

  1. Website Malware Scanner: Monitors for signs of website malware and indicators of compromise with the scanning tools.
  2. SSL Certificate Monitoring: Get immediate alerts against changes with your website’s SSL certificate.
  3. Website Server-Side Scanner: Checks all the files on the server for malware, spam, DDoS scripts, and much more.
  4. SEO Spam Scanner: It discovers the footprint of SEO spam before any search engine does.
  5. Blacklist Status: Monitor security warnings from blacklist authorities.
  6. Website Uptime Monitoring: Get to know when the visitor on your site can’t take action on your site.
  7. DNS Monitoring: The scanners detect any changes in the website’s DNS setting so that you can take appropriate actions.

The Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) help you to provide protection from online threats & hacker attacks. It not only blocks existing threats but also emerging threats also.

Benefits with Sucuri Protection Feature

It protects you in some of the following ways.

  1. Malware & Hack Protection: With WAF you will get protection against malicious codes and prevent hacking.
  2. Zero-Day Exploit Prevention: It helps you to protect sites and stop suspicious behavior.
  3. DDoS Attack Mitigation: A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is very dangerous for your website and cause downtime. It helps in blocking layer 3.4 and 7 DDoS attacks.
  4. Brute Force Attacks Protection: Hackers can target websites with automated hacker tools. The feature can prevent site abuse by stopping brute force attacks and password cracking.

This feature will help you in increasing the performance and speed of the website. Sucuri CDN caches your website content automatically. With it, your website can speed up by 70% on average.

Benefits with Sucuri Performance Feature

The performance feature has the following benefits that will help you in the following ways:

  1. Website Speed Optimization: It can speed up the website by 70% on average.
  2. Multiple Caching Options: There are different and multiple caching options available for every type of website.
  3. Reliable Website Uptime: Improve website reliable uptime and improved website load time.
  4. High Availability and Redundancy: With 10 SuperPOPs in the USA, Europe, & Asia and 2 CDN POPs in Australia & Brazil it provides high availability & redundancy to your website.

It helps to restore and repair hacked websites before it damages your reputation. Easy automatically and manually cleanups your website for any types of malware attacks. It helps in the following ways:

Benefits with Sucuri Response Feature

  1. Remove Website Malware: It helps in removing any type of malicious code from your website file system and database.
  2. Remove Blacklist Status: Submit blacklist removal requests on your behalf.
  3. Repair SEO Spam: Make your website looks right in the search engine by repairing SEO spam keywords.
  4. Prevent Future Attacks: It stops hacks and speeds up your website by blocking attacks and filtering malicious traffic.

It helps you to recover the website’s data and create backups for your websites. You can set a custom backup option, an automatic backup option to store securely in Cloud storage.

There are great benefits of website backups that are listed below:

  1. Quick & Easy: Get recovery functionality for your website if it is damaged, it ensures you to get covered in the event of critical failure conditions.
  • File system backed up over FTP/SFTP
  • MySQL database auto-detection
  • Customer support available
  • Backups available from Sucuri dashboard
  1. Automatic Schedule: You can set the frequency of continuous backup and get alerts after the successful backup.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly backups
  • Set time for scheduled backups
  • Alerts on failure to backup
  • Skip directories if needed
  1. Secure Storage: As a company known for website security, it takes all precautions to secure your website’s files. You can keep your website backed up on the server of Sucuri.
  • Backups organized by dates
  • Locked down in Sucuri cloud infrastructure
  • Off-site storage keeps hackers out
  • Configuration for websites on any CMS or web host
  1. Incremental Backups: It keeps the latest changes as the backup of your site, you can jump 90 days back of history in case of an issue.
  • Full initial backup
  • Retain backup for 90 days
  • Restore complete backup by dates
  • Quick and easy recovery process

These are the features of Sucuri that you can get with it. You can use these features with the products and services of Sucuri. However, you can get a discount on it using the Sucuri discount code.

Sucuri Support

Sucuri support system is providing great services to their customers. The company is always ready to provide great customer support services to its customers. You can contact them via different methods.

You can start a live chat to get help from Sucuri, this method will solve your immediate solution to your query. If you are an already existing customer of Sucuri you can submit a ticket to help from the company. You can also get help from email and phone call,
Phone Call1-888-873-0817
Sucuri  FAQs

What does Sucuri do?

Sucuri is a powerful WordPress plugin that provides great security features for the website. It helps to protect a website from hackers, malware attacks, DDoS, and blacklists. All the incoming site traffic will pass through the Sucuri cloud proxy firewall after enabling it.

Do I need a Sucuri?

Sucuri provides great security features for the websites. The Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) help a website to protect against hacker’s attacks and online threats. Sucuri provides different plans and you can get a discount on them using Sucuri Coupon Code.

Does GoDaddy use Sucuri?

Sucuri is a subsidiary company of GoDaddy.  GoDaddy’s new website security provides a powerful and easy solution that helps to keep a website safe and clean.

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