How to install WordPress on HostGator?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management system and the best part is, it’s free and open-source. Many people associate it with blogging but it also supports other types web content. Currently, it powers nearly 27% of all websites and dominates 76.4% of CMS market shares. Every Beginner want to know How to install WordPress on HostGator? Easy to buy Low Cost WordPress Hosting by hostgator.


To use it, you must have the following in your HostGator server plan:

  • PHP (version 5.6 or greater).
  • MySQL (version 5.6 or greater), MariaDB (version 10 or greater) or similar Databases.
  • Running Nginx or Apache


HostGator provides it in their hosting plans as control panel to manage and configure your servers. It comes with a user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface). With this you can easily upload files to your server, configure email accounts, setup databases and install and manage SSL certificate to secure your website.

To install WordPress on a Shared Server using QuickInstall

  1. Login to your cPanel using username and password provided in the email.
  2. Scroll down till you see the software section, there click on the QuickInstall icon.
  3. Then, on that page you may see WordPress icon if not, click on One-Click Installs.
  4. Now you will be seeing it’s icon, select it.
  5. Here you just have to select the new domain name using the drop down menu. If desired you can also choose a subdirectory you would like to load the site from.

For example: If you want your WordPress URL to be instead of

  1. After it, a form will appear with the following details:
    • Blog Title: Enter the name of the website. It will appear as the name of your site in the header.
    • Admin Username: Enter the username you want.
    • First Name: Enter your first name.
    • Last Name: Your last name.
    • Admin E-mail: Enter an email address where you want the admin password to be sent. Make sure that it’s working.

Make sure to check the box next to the term of service Agreement.

Click the “Install” button to proceed.

  1. It’s installation status will be reflected in the progress bar. When completed, click “Details” to know your admin URL, username and password:

Now you can begin working on your WordPress site. Check your email to know your credentials.

NOTE: In case you didn’t received any email regarding your login information. Don’t worry HostGator provides 24/7 support. Contact them using phone or Live Chat.

To install WordPress on a Reseller, VPS, or Dedicated Server using Quick Install

It is very similar to before.

  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. Go to the Software or Services section and click on the Quick Install icon
    best Way
  3. In the left, a menu is provided. Find Popular Installs and under it, click on WordPress and then click on Install WordPress.
  4. Complete the form that appears. It would be containing the same details as before: 
  5. After completing it, click on Install WordPress to continue.

You can check the progress in the progress bar at the top of the page. When installation completes, You will receive your credentials by email and may also find them by clicking on the View Credentials in the bar, at the top of the page.

Login to WordPress using username and password provided in the email and start working on your website.

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