How Much It Cost To Buy A Domain Name?

Before you ask this, you must have the answer to these two questions. What is it? Why you need one? Well, in simpler words it is a virtual address given to your website on the internet. As you cannot find a specific place in real world, without having it’s address. People will not be able to find your website without having its virtual address on the internet. Currently, there are more than 333.8 million registered domain names and still increasing. So we are going to discus “How Much It Cost To Buy A Domain Name“. You can buy low cost price by hostgator domain name coupon Code.

If you want to expand your reach to the world as an individual, organization or as a company. Also to give it a more professional look, you need a domain name. Use of internet is increasing day by day in this technological era. Due to this it helps new businesses to establish credibility among their customers.

Their prices depends on several factors:

  • It’s Name

It will be low-priced, if you are open to any name in any extension. On the other hand, you want a desired name in a specific extension and it is available (means you are lucky). It will cost you usual. But when not, means someone has already registered it. You have two options. First, to come up with its variates or try it with other extensions. Second, try to buy it from the owner of that name, which is more likely to cost you more than the usual.

  • Extensions

Different extension have different prices depending on their uses, popularity and age (like they are new or old). If you want a popular extension it’s prices will be high but they are worth it. For example .com is very old and far more popular than any other. .org is generally used in non-profit organization. And use of extensions like .govt and .edu are restricted to government and educational institute only.

  • Whom you purchase from

It also depends to whom you gonna buy from like a reputable registrar or a private seller, etc. Prices vary with different registrars. They have their own standard pricing, packages, renewal fees and offers. Prices will be very high, if you are looking to buy a registered name from a private seller or auctions.

  • Time period and Add-ons

Prices will vary. It depends on, for what time period you want to register and add-ons you want to include. Minimum is 1 year and maximum period is for 10 years. After it expires, you get a renewal grace period (RGP) and it ranges from 30 to 45 days based on registrars and extension used. In this period you can renew it at any time without any penality.

  • Privacy

There is an international database (ICANN WHOIS) which hosts information like contact and others, for all domain owners worldwide. Intent to provide a central location to help in determining the true owner of a name. But everything can be abused, if not used rightfully. Many shady entities use these informations to send spam messages and sell services. You can avoid it buying paying some extra to hide your information on it.

Average Price

There are no absolute prices for domain name, they vary from $1 to $11 million (which is officially the highest price for it). But generally it can cost you from $1 to $20 per year (136.86 to 1368.64 INR) depending on offers and discounts. After all of this, it really depends on your need and then on your budget. Before buying a name, consider it’s pros and cons, cost and quality balance.

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