Hostgator Vs Siteground 2022 – Which One Best?

Hostgator Vs SiteGround Comparison 2022 

Hostgator Vs SiteGround Overview

To build a website with a bad web hosting company is like building a house in Quicksand. After all, you will become a structural problem. Because the web hosting company is very important, reviewing it will compare HostGator versus the two most popular, SiteGround.


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HostGator is a web hosting and domain company with over 9 million domains to use and over 400,000 customers to use its services of this company. Based in Houston, they have grown rapidly since their inception in 2002, when they were acquired by Dheeraj International Group in 2012.

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SiteGround was started in 2004 and now has 140 employees. Among them are specific open-source software and hosting for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magneto, and a strong mover of other popular programs. Currently, they host over 2 lakh websites worldwide.

HostGator Vs SiteGround Performance

SiteGround performance offered using SSD Server, the latest release of its software, with its emphasis on top-tier prompted its own underlying system caching for what is known as SuperCache, HTTPS speed, etc. These hosting companies facilitate all to give the most performance.

SiteGround was released as a server-side language in 2018 using PHP 7.3 RC (the latest version). Meanwhile, HostGator is released in 2015 to run the server-side language using PHP 7.0. Using the latest PHP version addresses and fast execution of the script also helps in being a lot of bugs, which helps in increasing the speed of the site

However, like other features, HostGator has been late to deliver free SSL. As a result, many of his customers openly witnessed his disappointment. Also, the fact that HTTPS sites involve some additional burden on their website. Therefore, using SiteGround is designed to speed up HTTPS encryption and quickly start connections (TLS 1.3 and OCSP staples) to minimize the impact on load time HTTPS.

HostGator Vs SiteGround Uptime Report

99.9% Uptime

As you can infer from the name, the period of stay active is an important measure of a web hosting company. Worked by the total amount of time when the server company operates a website for its customers and operates effectively.

SiteGround states 99.9% of the time is guaranteed. This warranty board applies to, no matter what you do not have any plans. Much of his power is his custom programming, such as the identification system, which he created “probably for the first time,” and sniffs automatically.

What’s the difference in hosting speed?

As mentioned earlier, the two services in question have very good options as their web hosts. It can be difficult for people to choose between the two, but we can recommend SiteGround based on our experience. However, HostGator only proves to be comparable.

Both companies have adopted different methods to improve their speed. Where cash is not called for using the SiteGround SuperCache process, where Hostgator has more tools and hardware-based approaches instead of adding the service layer. HostGator is of the opinion that speed is invested only in a range of VPS servers to help to achieve the benefits. On HostGator, the average page speed at an average speed of 1.25 seconds, while SiteGround web pages slow down at 1.5 seconds. As stated, SiteGround has also been majorly improved in recent years in the past, in fact, the cache system is that it offers more premium plans than that of HostGator.

Server Response Times of both

Siteground Vs Hostgator

Have you ever seen their great cabin in offices that showed so many towers were on top of other like hardware? Known as a server, they act like a small hard drive on their computer. Such as hard drives, the web server depends on each and everything that different machines are connected together for their tasks in this case. As to the speed division, both HostGator and SiteGround have adopted different methods of server systems

HostGator, once again, uses a large array of servers to ensure work balance and stability in harmony. This makes it possible to maintain a healthy server response time as well.

The server allows for increasing the SiteGround load, with a slightly normal load from the target. An increase in server load has typically occurred during holidays or special events.

HostGator and SiteGround Data Center Quality

HostGator, a partner of the federation that since partnering with SoftLayer, has data centers in multiple locations. SoftLayer best data center in the world that is equipped with an electric generator, various power feeds continuous server monitoring, and data backup best.

On the other hand, there are three data centers SiteGround. It is located in Chicago, Amsterdam, and Singapore. They are also equipped with high-end hardware. This data should be focused on physical security to protect customer data from the website at any time.

The data center’s SiteGround in strategically selected areas helps users to provide a quick process based on their location. To close it up, it is also provided with free CDNs. Which adds 23 major locations worldwide to improve the efficiency of its web page.


SiteGround and HostGator are both reliable hosting providers. However, HostGator is a leading hosting provider while SiteGround is a managed-hosting provider. Both offer performances increased support but are shared with slightly higher costs. You really can’t go wrong with the service, but we prefer managed to host.

They have a loyal customer base, providing his skills. In comparison, however, we would easily recommend SiteGround to our readers because of their own experience. Many users also claim that SiteGround is better than many other services. It is definitely moving ahead of the pack. By adding a 30-day return policy, you are a winner.

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