Hostgator Vs AWS 2022- Which One Is best?

Compare Between Hostgator and AWS 2022

There is numerous Website Company across the globe, you can easily find one of the best web hosting companies from where you can buy the cheapest web host plans. Hostgator and AWS are both web hosting companies that provide secure and reliable web hosts plans to you at affordable prices.

As we know that Hostgator is much better than AWS but there are some differences in both of these web hosting companies which you should know about that. In this post, we are going to make a difference between Hostgator vs AWS 2022 which shows you that which one is better and more demanded in 2022.

Here will get to know why people always consider Hostgator over AWS hosting.


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Major differences between Hostgator and AWS

Hostgator Vs AWs Difference

Performance:  Basically this both the web hosting are really good in performance but if you get a clear difference in the performance of Hostgator and AWS then you have measure 3 criteria to measure the performance of the server which is page load speed test, uptime speed, and customer support response time.

Page load:  Hostgator is best in offering speed of page load which is 3.11 seconds and on the other hand AWS offers a page speed of 4.56 seconds. So as according to this Hostgator is much better than AWS if you are looking for the best page load web hosting service.

Uptime result: Millions of users are buy hosting services from Hostgator because it provides the best uptime speed which is 99.97% avg. uptime whereas AWS offers the uptime speed is less than from Hostgator which is 99.93%. Thus in this, Hostgator is also better than AWS web hosting.

Customer support responsive time:  In this Hostgator offer avg. the response time was 4 hours and on the other hand, AWS is quite good in offering responsive time which was 7 hours but it quite lagged some time because AWS doesn’t provide a well professional customer care team where people choose Hostgator because it has provided live chat and phone support. It also provides the best professional technical support team who are ready any time to support you and help you.

Pricing:  Whenever any person is going to buy a hosting plan from any web hosting company first they always think about the money and cost of the web hosting. Thus this Hosting is always affordable for you as compared to AWS hosting.

Which one is more trustable? Hostgator or AWS?

AWS VS Hostgator

As we discuss the difference above in both the Hostgator and AWS we easily get to know which one you should prefer for buying a hosting plan. Hostgator is always a trustable and most secure web hosting company and it is the winner in any comparison with AWS web hosting.

So if you are really want to buy any kind of web host plan at affordable rates then choosing these plans from Hostgator is a good option for you. It is now become the most trustable and demanded web hosting company around the world which has only one motive to provide quality web host services to you at affordable rates.

Final conclusion

If you really want to start your new web host plan and looking to buy a hosting plan then we surely say that you should go with Hostgator which is best for you. According to us starting your plan with Hostgator is simply best for you because it is the most affordable option for you as compared to AWS. Both web hosting is really good options for you but if you choose one of them the Hostgator is best for you with discount use of Hostgator Coupon Code.

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