Advantages of Dedicated Hosting over Shared and VPS hosting

Are you looking out for a hosting service and finding it difficult to decide whether you should get dedicated hosting, shared hosting, or VPS hosting. All these hosting services have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. These are the most common hosting services that are popular these days but you need to understand that why you should prefer dedicated hosting advantage over shared and VPS hosting services.

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Dedicated hosting offers a dedicated server to host a website. It means you have access to more disk space and you do not have to share your bandwidth with any other website. This kind of service is ideal for people having websites that expect a high amount of traffic. Shared hosting lets you manage multiple websites from the same server.

This divides your usage of disk space and bandwidth usage with other websites on the server. Moreover, shared hosting is suitable for small business owners and people who are trying to launch their websites. On the other hand, VPS hosting is similar to dedicated hosting and it allows you to have complete control of server configuration.

Another benefit of using a dedicated hosting service is that you have your own IP address. In Shared hosting, the IP address of your website also gets shared and this may be a little risky as it can harm your valuable data.


Moreover, with shared and VPS hosting, the chances of system slow down, slow loading website, and downtime is maximum. This is because there are multiple websites running on the same server and the traffic can be overloaded sometimes. This problem does not arise in dedicated hosting as it runs only one website on its server. Hence, the problem of downtime and slow website loading is less. This allows you to attract more visitors and turn them into potential customers. Slow-loading websites can irritate a customer and you may lose them forever.


A dedicated server is suitable for big business owners as you need not worry about disk space and bandwidth use. What’s more, you have a personal server that hosts only your website, the chances of leaking critical and valuable information are null. Moreover, you can be assured of your data and other information and prevent access from unauthorized users. Not to forget, the benefit of immediate uptime is a very important factor as compared to shared and VPS hosting services.

What’s more, with a dedicated hosting service, you get dedicated customer support services that help you resolve your web problems immediately. In the case of VPS hosting and shared hosting, you will need a hosting company to manage all your websites simultaneously.

Although a dedicated hosting service is a little expensive as compared to other hosting services, you must not forget the added advantages of using such type of service for your website. Moreover, a dedicated hosting service gives you complete peace of mind as no one can interfere with your data. This certainly proves that why we should use a dedicated hosting service over shared and VPS hosting.


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